Welcome to love in a cold climate - where Glaciers go to meet other glaciers.


We are we believe the first online dating and data site for internationally significant glaciers. In these warming times we all need some to love and whilst we hope our site helps you find that special someone, we don't want you to end up feeling warm inside.

What you will find here;
We have fourteen of the worlds most interesting ice fields here. Have a look round and find someone you feel comparable with.
You could compare your rock type, look for someone with a similar latitude, or see who has retreated the most.

Featured Glaciers

Fox glacier Bossons GlacierAthabasca Glacier

Glacier Data


Current length km

Amount of retreat km
Underlying rock type
Pine Island Antarctica Antarctica 200


Limestone 75 south
Fox Glacier Oceania New Zealand 8 -2.5 Greenstone 43 South
Franz Josef Glacier Oceania New Zealand 12


Greenstone 43 South
Porito Moreno South America Argentina 30 0 Limestone 50.5 South
O' Higgins South America Chile 45 -14.6 Granite 48 south
Arrow glacier - KIlimangaro Africa Kenya


-3 Andesite 3 North
Chacaltyaya South America Bolivia 0.5 -0.3 Granite 16 south
Bossons Europe France


-1.2 Rhyolite 45 North
Mer de Glace Europe France



Limestone 45 North
Athabasca Glacier North America Canada 6 -1.5 Rhyolite 52 North
Mendenhall Glacier Norh America USA 12 -4 Granite 58 North
Jakobshavn Isbraes Europe Greenland 80 15 Limestone 69 North
Engabreen Europe Norway 9


Granite 69 North